Wooden Alarm Clock

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Warmly tips: Dear buyer, thanks for your support, we suggest that you use the USB line to connect with the alarm clock in common, the batteries are being a standby application. if using the battery, please press “down” to display “on: sd”,it will be in sound control mode to save energy.


Material:Bamboo & Wooden

Shape: Square

Width: 45 mm

Length: 150 mm

Display Type: Digital

Motivity Type: Digital

Screen Type: LED

Style: Modern

Function: Acoustic Control Sensing

Form: Single Face

KSW-102 KSW104








This is charging cable can be connected directly to a computer for charging


(upgrade version)
Display mode: DP-2: Time/Temperature
DP-1: Time/Temperature and Year/Month/Date automatically display inturns.
1)Calendar: 2000/1/1-2099/12/31
2)12/24 hour format selectable: (initial mode:24-hour;january 1 2014;12:00 clock)
3)Every time can set up three groups of alarm, each alarm 1 minute Sound are: bi bi bi ...
4)18:00-07:00 half luminance; and three luminance to set (L1—L2—L3)
5)DC5V/500MA power supply by USB; ( or 4*AAA ; Sound control function is recommended ON, when batteries used);built-in battery keeping time display program running inside but invisible outside
6)Sound control mode(Power-saving mode)
7)Work day set: Alarm by Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday is closed.
2: Packing list:
Please kindly check all the details below when open the packing:
digital wooden clock 1pc
user's manual 1pc
USB charging cable 1pc
3.Display and keys:
1). Display mode select: DP-1/DP-2
initial mode: DP2; press ‘SET’ to transform DP1←→DP2)
2). Sound control mode select(Power-saving mode on AAA battery):
Press ‘DOWN’, “on: SD”←→”—:SD”; “ON: SD” means sound control works; “--:SD” means sound control closed
3).press “up”; oC←→oF format Conversion
4). Press button “SET” for 3 seconds to enter into setting mode,
You may set :YEAR→MONTH→DATE→1H/24H→HOUR→MINUTE→ALA1 (ALARM)→ALA2→ALA3→--E(work day)
When YEAR symbol flashing, adjust by “UP” and “DOWN”;…
5). 12 hour format display; “PM” light (a point at top-left corner) is open;
6). Display luminance adjustment
Press and hold the ‘UP’ key for 3 seconds to enter the setting item. Display “L3”.Press DWON key luminance decreases Display “L2”,Press UP luminance enhancement, three levels of L1-L3. After setting holding down the ‘UP’ key for 3 seconds exit setup
Any mistake or badness caused by improper operation could by renewed by button“RESET”
1)Please use the clock in dry area, due to all wooden housing, as it can not last long in wet, tremble, high temperature or temperature keeping changing area.
2)Avoid dropping down from floors, in case there is any broken.
3)Please use high quality AAA alkaline batteries. If the brightness dim or blinking, it means low battery, please change in time, in case battery solution leaking.
When no power, please check if there are batteries inside to keep it working properly.
4)5V/500MA-1000MA AC adapter is applicable to the clock, please choose the compatible one.