Ultrasonic Pest Control

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The product works 24 hours a day during use. In addition, doors and windows should be closed at night.


Product Features:


  • Plug it in the power socket that is 20-80cm above the ground on the wall and keep vertical to the ground (remember that the product cannot be placed flat on the ground). If there is no such power supply, an external power strip is required to keep the product at this height and keep it perpendicular to the ground.
  • There must be no tall obstacles within 1 meter of the front of the product (that is, they must not be installed on the back of objects such as refrigerators, wardrobes, sofas, etc.).
  • The product should be placed towards open place, but can not choose long-term open doors and windows .(ultrasound is a straight line, it will make it spread outdoor, attenuate the indoor wave field strength, reducing the repelling efficiency).
  • Try to avoid putting it towards curtains, fabric sofas and other cloth items (fabric items can absorb ultrasound).
  • The product should first be installed in the area where the rodent damage is most serious. After the rodent damage in the area is eliminated, the product can then be installed in the central location of the whole house (such as the living room) or where the mouse is most likely to appear.
  • This machine can be directly plugged in AC 220V (or 100V) power outlet. (power range: AC 90V-250V frequency: 50-60Hz).




  • Quantity: 1pc.
  • Product type: US Plug.
  • Ultrasonic repellent frequency: 22- 65KHz.
  • Working area: 80-120sqm.
  • Power supply: AC 90V-250V, 50-60Hz.
  • Power: 5-6W.
  • Color: White.
  • Material: ABS.
  • Size: 90 x 57 x 26mm/3.54 x 2.24 x 1.02".
  • Packing size: 169 x 140 x 60mm/6.65 x 5.51 x 2.36".
  • Product net weight: 50g.
  • Product gross weight: 79g.