Lotus Leaf™️ Solar Power Pump Bird Bath

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Color: Green

Lotus leaf material: EVA

Lotus leaf size: 280mm diameter

Solar power material: single crystal silicon

Solar power panel size: 160mm diameter

Power of solar power: 7v/1.4w

Input: DC 3.5-13v, 0.5-5w

Maximum flow: 150L/h

Maximum pumping height: 70cm

Spray height: 30-50cm (different sprayer, different height)

Useful life period: 20000 hours



Best working time is from 9:00am to 16:00pm.

Start automatically in 3 seconds when sun exposure

Purify the air and increase the humidity

Start-up fast, efficient and strong stability

Built-in brushless motor with longer service life and lower consumption


How to use:

1. Assemble the product according to the sketch map.

2. Put it on the water and make sure that the solar panel is not sheltered from the sun. Then it will work normally as soon as the sunshine is enough.

3. There is some air in the pump at the moment that it is put in the water. You'd better not connect the spray head to the pump until it sprays normally.



1. The pump is driven directly by the sunlight. So it will work continuously only when the sunlight is enough. As the power of the solar panel is depended on the sunlight, the pump is also affected by weather, seasons, places, etc.

2. Don't make the pump work without water for a long time, or its lifespan will be shortened.

3. Clean the pump regularly. If it's duty, it will stop working.

4. Be careful when using it. And don't let children play with it.


Package Include:

1 X lotus leaf water pump

1 X spray head

6 X nozzles