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Make all your cold drinks come true with Ice Cube Storage. The ultra-space saving ice maker that holds up to 3 batches of ice designed with a unique double chamber made of high-quality silicone rubber; BPA free plastic, DFA approved.


  • ICE CUBE STORAGE- THE ICE MAKER THAT MAKES YOUR COLD DRINKS COME TRUE! Best replacement for traditional 10 ice cube trays; Holds 3 batches of ice; Width: 5.3 in; Length: 5.7 in, comes in Blue color; Chills bottled beverages and more quickly, and serves as a drink holder.

  • HANDY TO USE, CLEAN, AND STORE! Made of high-quality silicone rubber with unique double chamber design, outer chamber freezes the ice cubes while inner cylinder stores them; Airtight lid keeps your cubes fresh and odor free; Top rack dishwasher safe and can be washed by warm soapy water by hand; place upright into the freezer for at least 4-6 hours

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN! Designed the water seal along the outside of the sleeve, not the bottom; Flexible chamber helps lift and push the ice cubes with less effort.

  • JUST FILL THEN CHILL! Fill water into the channel at the top of the outer chamber, once frozen lift the airtight inner cylinder that stores the ice cubes and squeezed the outer chamber to release the ice.

  • BPA FREE PLASTIC; FDA – APPROVED, can be used over again for another batch of ice cubes.



  • Parts: Outer chamber, inner chamber, lid

  • Insert the inner chamber to the outer chamber

  • Make sure the inner chamber reaches the bottom of the outer chamber creating a seal. Make sure the inner chamber pops into place

  • Fill water into the channel at the top of the outer chamber. Make sure no water has leaked into the middle area of the inner chamber

  • Snap the lid onto the Ice Cube Storage

  • Ensure the lid is properly put in place tightly. This will keep your ice cubes fresh and odor free

  • Place upright into freezer for at least 4-6 hours

  • Once frozen remove the lid

  • Firmly squeezed the outer chamber on all sides to loosen the ice

  • Twist the inner chamber left/right and upwards until it is free and removed the outer chamber

  • Squeezed the outer chamber from all sides to dispense the ice cubes into the middle area

  • Move the cubes out of the way by twisting the inner chamber back and forth as you work the inner chamber down

  • Removed the ice cubes and place in a separate container

  • Repeat the process for another batch of ice cubes


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