Foot Scrubber

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Newest Easy Feet Foot Cleaner Easyfeet Foot Scrubber Brush Massager Clean Bathroom Shower Clean Blue Slippers Spa Treatment.
Product Features:
  • Cleans, exfoliates and massages! No more bending to clean your feet Clean your foot by slipping it in and out.
  • It's like getting a pedicure everyday Over 1000 bristles on top and bottom for cleaning and massaging.
  • The superior foot cleaning that you will get by just moving your foot will even allow you to get to enjoy this best foot massager that consumes no electricity.
  • Helps prevent you from falling down while foot cleaning as it eliminates the need of having to bend over or stand on one leg to scrub to clean your foot.
  • Everyone in your family will love using Easy Feet for their foot cleaning and even the kids will have a lot of fun getting to clean their feet.


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