Dermacol MakeUp Cover

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Dermacol High Quality Concealer Makeup For Face Foundation Cover Freckles Acne Marks Waterproof Cosmetic Palette Contouring
Product Features:
  • Brand: Dermacol.\Net wet:30g
  • Package: Closed metal sealed.(1pc Dermacol and 1pc sponge and 1pc makeup brush )
  • Origin:Czech Repubic.
  • Features: Whitening,concealer, sunscreen. brighten.
  • Effect:
  • 1.Amazing miraculous change, to create a satisfactory makup.
  • 2.Waterproof and prevent sweat. all day long, never worry about makeup out.
  • 3.Perfectly covered with acne.
  • 4.Perfectly conceal the flaws. stained flaws were covered up.
  • 5.A large area of the body covered with tattoos.

Product View:

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DermacolXQ_01 DermacolXQ_02 DermacolXQ_03 DermacolXQ_04 DermacolXQ_05 DermacolXQ_06 DermacolXQ_07 DermacolXQ_08
DermacolXQ_09 DermacolXQ_10
How to choose the color
please see the color on following picture:
207/ 208/ 209/ 210/ 211 is for light color skin (208 is the most white)
212/ 213/ 215/ 218 / 221/ 222 is for yellow color skin
214/ 223/ 224 is for the dark color skin DermacolXQ_11 HTB1vs6QPFXXXXbrXpXXq6xXFXXXh DermacolXQ_12 DermacolXQ_13
Dermacol Make-up Cover - Acne
Get rid of acne!
Dermacol Make-up Cover - Tattoo
Are you preparing for a meeting and need to hide your tattoo? Don't be nervous and use Make-up Cover.
Dermacol Make-up Cover - Dark circles under the eyes
Dark circles under the eyes, loss of pigmentations and other skin problems...forget it and use Make-up Cover.d1d2
207 208 209 210 211 212 213 215
218 221 222 223 224 DermacolXQ_14