Auto Air Vent Cool Fan Cooler

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Dear friends, this product is not a cool fan, and it must need sunlight to rotate, please understand before purchase. The auto vent cooler deluxe dose not work on dark tinted windows.
The anto vent cooler deluxe should not be used on cars that do not have a door frame above the window.
Product Features:
  • 1. Model: 7Z-754.
  • 2. Name: Solar Powered Car Air Vent Cool Fan.
  • 3. Easy to install and portable, solar powered, needs no batteries.
  • 4. Clean air and blows hot air out of parked car.
  • 5. Fit for most car windows.
  • Package includes: 1 x Strip 1 X Auto fan 1 X Instruction Manual.

  • 1. Material: Plastic+Monocrystallinesilicon.
  • 2. Colors: Black.
  • 3. Size: about 148 x 58 x 110mm.
  • 4. Strip Length: about 740mm.
  • 5. Powered by: Solar.
  • 6. Power: 0.5W.
  • 7. Voltage: 2V, 120ma.

Installation Instruction:
  • Roll down the front or rear window on your car about 4-5 inches.
  • Chip the auto vent cooler deluxe onto the window.
  • Next size the weather stripping fit in both ends of the auto vent cooler deluxe.
  • Slide the remaining weather stripping onto the opposite side of the window and work your way to the auto vent cooler deluxe.
  • Slowly Roll the window closed.

The five function of products:
  • Cool: No longer feel hot when you just enter the car.
  • Deodorization: Purify air, removes in the unusual smell and the fetid odor.
  •  As Demister when rainy day.
  • Protect the car electric appliance: The car electrical and electronic items will due to high temperature and affect its performance and service life.
  • Health: Air convection is good for health to you and your family enjoy a non-toxic harmless to the environment.


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